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PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a treatment for hair loss where in platelet rich plasma is first extracted from the blood that is drawn from the patient and then injected into the scalp to heal ailments and stimulate hair growth.When this is Injected into the areas of scalp, this can strengthen the hair follicles and improve the texture of scalp, stimulating a thick and healthy growth of hair.

Redefine Hair Transplant Centre Implements a specialized PRP protocol that Isolates the total amount of platelets and receives the whole amount of the white phase. Then the plasma is enriched with DNA Activator and Calcium ions in order to reinforce the platelets action, as well as to Reproduce the vessels and the area of Implementation.Redefine Hair Transplant Centre Offers Affordable Redefine PRP Hair Loss Treatment in Hyderabad.

PRP Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

PRP Treatment is a safe Hair Loss Treatment with no side effects. It is a simple and painless procedure.PRP Treatment can be Implemented to men & women who suffer from hair loss at early or advanced stages.

Ideal Candidates for PRP:

  • Who are physically healthy without any medical ailments you can be an ideal candidate for PRP.
  • Who are below 65 years of age to see good results from PRP.

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