Hair Transplant After Care:

Hair Transplant Pre-Op Instructions

  • Have someone to be with your after the process.
  • The sedative effect needs some time to wear off. You can really use the help from a friend who can drive you home.
  • Most hair transplant does not require compress or bandage. However, you might have a bandage or compression if you undergo micro-grafting.
  • For first couple of days, sleep with your head elevated. Use an extra pillow underneath your shoulder to keep the elevation proper.
  • DO NOT pick or touch the area that has been newly grafted. Avoid touching the place even if it feels itchy. This may result in grafts being dislocated and falling off.
  • Do not take alcohol or smoke cigarettes for at least a couple of months or as advised by your doctor.
  • Ask your doctor before washing your head. Use a mild shampoo and avoid standing under the shower.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure till your scalp is pinkish and feels soared.
  • You can use an ice compress but DO NOT use it on the grafted area.

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