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Facial hair transplantation is meant to increase the hair density on the face by applying the hair transplantation technique. In this process, the surgeon will reconstruct a new beard. The process can be used to enhance the existing beard as well. The hair from the scalp will be removed and it will be transplanted at required spots on the beard and chin. In most of the cases, the hair present on the back of the scalp will be removed. The hair at the back of the scalp is resistant to hair loss and it can be used to fill the less dense areas. It is possible to implement hair transplantation in various parts of the face such as eyebrows, eyelashes and sideburns. The facial hair such as moustache, beard and eyebrows should be aligned properly. Irregular shaping and hair thinning can be arrested with the help of facial hair transplant in Hyderabad.


Beard hair transplants can be implemented to deal with male pattern hair loss. Some patients suffer from alopecia universalis in which case there will not be any hair at any portion of the body. Hence, such kind of people is not eligible for hair transplantation.

Beard Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

There are temporary inconveniences and side effects after undergoing the facial hair transplant. Some of the side effects are swelling, redness, infection, sensitiveness and bruising. There might be scarring and ingrown hair as well. We Offer Beard Hair Transplant in Hyderabad.

The facial hair transplant can be used to get symmetrical shape. You can overcome scars and marks as well. It is possible to create new eyebrows as well with the help of the transplantation technique. If a part of the face is badly damaged, it can be overcome very easily by choosing the hair transplantation technique.

The person should not suffer from serious health conditions to be eligible for the facial transplantation method. Some men will suffer from bald pitch in the beard area so that it can be addressed with the help of facial transplantation. It is very much important to follow the precautions after the completion of the treatment.

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